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DELICIOUS Jason McElwaine September 5, 2018
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Good morning Sydney !!!

Enjoy a pipping hot 🔥 piroshki pie today !

Beef & onion , potato & onion , cabbage
Plus more !!!

Order online or call the store to secure yours now
02 9387 6313

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Have you tasted our sweet varieties ?

Piroshki pies - sour cherry , mixed berry, strawberry jam, custard cream
order In store & online !

02 93876313

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🛑 Make the 🎄 New Year sweeter with our range of Russian gifts 🎁:

🍫 Premium Chocolate
🪆 Exclusive souvenirs
✅ ...and much much more!

Huge range available in store and online NOW!

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Huge range of exclusive Russian 🎅 Christmas and 🎄 New Year gifts 🎁 available NOW! ...

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Feeling hungry? ...

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☔️ The rain ⛈ has set in 🌩. Make sure your eating ♨️ Well!

⚡️Russkis is looking after you with FREE delivery and great value on all your favourites!

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🛑 Last Day, weekly specials! Valid till tomorrow 15th November.

Take advantage of Russkis November and get FREE delivery 🚚 on all orders over $200 in the Sydney metro.

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Sometimes it's the simple things in life.

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🚀 SYDNEY is back OPEN again.

🇦🇺 Visit Russkis Deli @ 131 BONDI RD, BONDI and get your FRESH deli Goodies!

🌪🌧 Dont let BAD weather stop you!

👀 Our FRIENDLY new team is waiting to help you get to gastronomical delight.

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Just one of the 220+ Specials! Hurry, specials end this weekend!

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Like driving? Apply today! ...

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Need a job? Apply today! ...

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Hand made with love ❤️ ...

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😋120 + Specials - Get all your favourites and try something new.
Free delivery 🚚 over $150

Specials valid online only till 31st October

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🍯 Thinking about dinner? ...

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🌺 Spring is in the air! Get something delicious in to your picnic🧺🍞🍓🍯🥧basket! ...

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Enjoy the hearty warmth of a simple wholesome meal... with the chill back in the air it's nice to get some cozy comfort. ...

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New !! 🔥 🔥 🔥
Andrews Choice
Authentic Italian mortadella Recipe from
Bologna Region , It is Baked over 24 hours
Plain, Peppe, Pistachio, Olive available .

Hand crafted & Available exclusively through Yummy & Natural Foods NSW.
For all sales inquires please contact -
Leon - 0431 722 712

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👨‍👦‍👦 It’s Father’s Day this Sunday!👨🏻‍🍼

🔥 Spoil Your Dad with some Gourmet Goodies TODAY

💘Get straight to his heart, through the stomach!

✅ FREE Express Delivery on all orders over $150 in the Sydney metro area

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📣 Premium River Beluga 🐟 Black Sturgeon Caviar just arrived!

In time for 🧔🏻 Father's Day. Limited stock, order now to grab a great 🎁 gift for Dad!

Available in 50g, 125g and 250g.

Free Delivery on all orders over $150 in Sydney metro area.

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♨️ Russian Cuisine at it's Finest! ♨️
Extensive variety of European and Premium Australian products.

🚚 Free Express Delivery on all 📦 orders over $150 in the Sydney metro area. (no code required)

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Whats missing from this picture ????

Piping hot boiled potatoes with butter garlic & dill.

What ever it is you will find it at

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Fresh out of the oven ! 🤤

Beef 🥩 & Rice Vegetarian fillings available.
Add some light sour cream on
And enjoy 😊

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Huge range of souvenirs starting to pour in.
Full range will be available in store

By next week ! Keep a look 👀 out 🌞
We will try get them online ASAP will keep you updated .
Ph - 02 9387 6313

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101+ Specials!

New arrivals, containers are being unpacked now! With over 100 new product lines you'll have plenty to choose from!

Free delivery on all orders over $150 in the Sydney Metro Area. Offer available online only until 25th of August.

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Yummy sweets !!!
New arrivals !!!
Over 100 New lines from
Moscow and abroad.
Online & in store available 🍭

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All the pieces to the puzzle # 🤤 Enjoy delicious, mouth-watering Eastern European home cooking NOW!

🚀 You'll be tasting these goodies in no-time with FREE delivery on all orders over 1️⃣5️⃣0️⃣.

📍Offer is valid ONLY in SYD METRO & LOCAL Area.

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🤤 Enjoy delicious, mouth-watering Eastern European home cooking NOW!

🚀 You'll be tasting these goodies in no-time with FREE delivery on all orders over 1️⃣5️⃣0️⃣.

📍Offer is valid ONLY in SYD METRO & LOCAL Area.

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New Arrivals !!!! 🚢 🇺🇦 🇷🇺



All available online or in store - take care of your body. ❤️

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New arrivals - Premium canned

Pickled vegetables 🍅gherkins 🥬

Huge range in store and online -

Don’t forget we are running free delivery over $150 while Lockdown is on.

Everyone keep safe and health - love ❤️

All U need after this is some hot potato’s and a little vodka to wash it down - please drink responsibly 😊

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🍓Serving the community with delicious Eastern European Cuisine since 1979.

With over 2000 products available 💞 you'll find what you're looking for, full range available online!

Free delivery on all orders over $150 in the Sydney metro area.

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Beauty has many layers ❤️ ...

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Can't get to Russkis? That's ok... ❤️ we'll bring Russkis to you!

We're ready to hand pack your order (with love❣️) with FREE Express Delivery on all order's over $150 you'll be enjoying all your favourite goodies in no time!

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Craving some seafood delicacies? We've got you covered! Free delivery on all orders over $150 available in the Sydney Metro area. ...

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Just because you're in lockdown doesn't mean your taste buds need to suffer! Order now for FREE delivery on all orders in Sydney metro over $150

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New amazing arrivals !
Lovare exotic tea blends -
Cylinders & gift boxes.
Available now, in store and online

XXX Exotic 🤩

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Have you ever heard of sea buck thorn before? (ягоды облепихи) Also called the “lemon of the north,” these small orange berries are true vitamin boosters.

Sea buck thorn not only provides dishes with a fresh and fruity twist, the powerful berry has some other incredible qualities that may be beneficial to your health as well

In comparison to other citrus fruits, its vitamin C content can be up to nine times higher.

It also contains minerals like magnesium, iron, and calcium as well as A, E, and B-complex vitamins. With a fat content of 7% and lots of healthy fat-soluble vitamins, the fruit allows your body to process the nutrients directly.

This is good news for vegetarians and vegans, too:

The berry contains vitamin B12, an important nutrient for people who have removed meat from the menu.

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FREE Express Delivery! Russkis is looking after you during lockdown! offer valid for all orders over $150 in the Sydney metro area. No code required. ...

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Amazing 🤩 Pierogi are filled dumplings made by wrapping unleavened dough around a savoury or sweet filling and cooking in boiling water. They are often then pan-fried before serving. Pierogi are most often associated with the cuisine of Central and Eastern European

Potato & Onion, Potato & Mushroom 🍄, Cheese 🧀 & Potato, Farmers cheese , Cabbage & Mushroom, Cooked Beef, Sweet farmers cheese,
Sou cherry 🍒 yummy 🤤

Available !! In store and express delivery 🚚

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Beef & Onion -Cebureki (Georgian pies)
You can’t lock 🔐 these puppies down.
Try out range of house cooked
Russian cuisine delivered to your door 🥰🤤

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Are you feeling a little special today... do you want to? Try some of Russkis premium gourmet deli goodies. With our easy Express Delivery service you don't even need to leave home! ...

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🎉 Free Delivery in the Sydney metro area, Use Code: FREEDEL at checkout. Don't miss out 🆓, offer valid till 10pm, Sunday 4th July on all orders over $100. ...

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Ready? Set, GO ! ...

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Sweeten your day with our famous Napoleon cake. ...

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🌈 Russkis Deli - Back Online! Check out these cool discounts for express delivery! Offer valid for unlimited use till 30th June.
Choose your discount:
CODE: RUSS100 - $100 = 10% OFF
CODE: RUSS200 - $200 = 15% OFF
CODE: RUSS300 - $300 = 20% OFF

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Thank's for being patient! We're just making sure that everything is perfect for you! We'll be back online this Thursday 24th June, The team @ Russkis Online look forward to welcoming you back soon! ...

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Need some help with setting the table? We're open all Queens Birthday Long Weekend, 10am - 6pm, 131 Bondi Rd, Bondi. ...

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Feeling the cold? This weather is made for a Russkis table, warm your body and your soul. Come in we're open from 10am - 6pm 7 days a week. ...

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Come in We're open! Grab something nice for the table and make your meal an event! At Russkis we're open 7 days a week, 10am-6pm, this means there's always time to get something tasty! 131 Bondi Rd, Bondi. ...

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Come in we're open - 7 days 10am - 6pm - 131 BONDI RD, BONDI

We're updating our online store. Improving your shopping experience and making it even easier to order all your goodies online!

We appreciate your business and your patience.

We'll be back on Sunday 20th June.

If you have any questions please email us on [email protected] or call 8081 9424

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Don't forget... 20% OFF for pensioners every Thursday this month! Get all your favourites and try something new. ...

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Something warm and sweet? ...

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Make sure you're drinking responsibly, always have the right snack handy! ...

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Are you feeling cold? How about something tasty to warm you up and make you feel all cosy! ...

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It's Sunday... how about something naughty and sooo, so nice? ...

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It's getting a little cold. Time to spoil yourself! ...

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Need a little help warming up? The weather is getting a little grey, let's brighten up your day with something yummy! For delicious Eastern European cuisine we've got it covered, wether in-store or online we'll make sure your satisfied! ...

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Feeling a little peckish? Midnight snack Russkis style! ...

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Russian Easter is almost here! Looking for Kulich, Pashka or maybe some colouring for your eggs? Whatever your after we've got you covered. Check out our large range of egg colours and sleeves. ...

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Pashka is a traditional Russian Easter dessert made with European style farmers cheese, sultanas, vanilla & a touch of sweet goodness - it's just plain yummy.
Traditionally served on a kulich Easter cake.

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We supply the finest smallgoods that Australia has to offer. Period 🙃 ...

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Orthodox Easter 🐣- we have a great range lots of colours including , 7 colours , 5 pearl colours , stickers , egg sleeves , paints - kulich & pashka.
Make it FUN @ russkis bondi

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Russian Caviar and Vodka, Pure Indulgence, this pairing is cliche for a reason, it's 'Bloody Awesome!' ...

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We're open every day through Easter from 10am - 6pm. We'll help you get your table set and keep your tummy full this Easter. Wether it's Caviar or Cake, we've got you covered!

We're close and convenient... come in and check out our Chocolate selection for some real Easter indulgence!

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Authentic Russian Handmade Pelmeni. Mouth watering, fresh ingredients, The Real Deal when it comes to Comfort Food! Get them delivered FREE use code: FREEWET at checkout.

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WARNING ⚠️ ⛔️ ⚠️ ⛔️
Piping Hot piroshki pies are ready .
Recommend dosage 1 piroshki per person per day.
Side affects - extremely addictive. 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

Pictured - beef & onion / potato & onion

Also available tourched cabbage.

For the sweet tooth we have-
Sour cherry , mixed berries , custard cream, strawberry jam -
Pre order for sweet ones only, over the phone or online.

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It’s almost that time of year again.
In stock now !
Make sure to preorder your Easter
kulich Easter cakes- These are our decorated variety which are available in plain & glazed with sprinkles
HAND MADE with live and care 💗
Check out full range & order online for pick up or next day delivery. Or simply call us 9387 6313 to reserve your now.

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Just eat it ! 😎
Fix that craving - get all your favourites delivered to your door 🚪 NEXT DAY 🚚

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Have you tried our vodka cured
gravalax salmon yet ?

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Russkis deli - Bondi
Open 9am 5.45pm
7 days - Online next day deliveries available.

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We'd like to wish all of you wonderfull woman a Very Happy International Women's Day! ...

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Uncles FREE RANGE Grilled Polish Cheese Kransky with Bigos (Torched cabbage with onions) a match made in heaven 🌈 🤤☝️🤤🙂 ...

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Russian meatballs “Tefteli” is one of the most popular comfort foods in Russian cuisine.
Traditionally served with a rich tomato sauce with carrots and onions - Super YUMMY 😋 -
Mix in a bit sour cream in the sauce make it pink,
dip your favourite bread 🥖

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Sirniki - Russian sweet cheese desserts
are simply delicious- made with fresh farmers cheese and sultanas, vanilla.
Drizzle a bit of sour cream on top with some of you favourite berries. Oh and a nice cup of your favotite tea or coffee ☕️

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These homemade polish pierogi are filled with a delicious mixture of mashed potato & mixed mushrooms topped with caramelised onions - boiled to perfection. 🤤🤤🤤🥰🤩🥰🤗
#polishfood #pierogi

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Burst of fresh and wonderfull flavours explode in your mouth with our Eggplant salad with capsicum & walnuts.
Perfect on a slice of fresh or toasted bread or a nice side dish for any meats.A must try for all 😇🥰🙂🥰🙂

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Would you nibble on that ? ...

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Are we making you hungry yet? Try some of our mouth watering handmade delicacies, come in store or get the flavours of Eastern Europe home delivered. ...

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Providers of Fine Foods

Russkis Deli offers a huge selection of local delicacies and imported fine foods from around the world.

We are also known for our beautiful traditional Russian and European home style cuisine “fresh from our kitchen”.

Our online ordering & home delivery service was launched Mid 2018 this means that it’s much easier and more convenient and you can now have delicious foods that can satisfy the most discerning tastes, all available at your convenience.

Find Your Favourites @ Russkis


Paying too much for what you love?

We make sure that you get more for your dollar @ Russkis!

They say that it’s much cheaper to eat junk than it is to eat healthy food. We disagree! In-fact at Russkis Deli we make sure that you can eat well at a reasonable price.

We strive to bring you the tastiest and highest quality products from all around the world.

Fast & Reliable Delivery

We make sure you get a fresh premium product every time. With refrigerated packaging and next day delivery Russkis provide a contactless delivery service with a Freshness Guarantee.




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